Jón Arnarson

Hafnarfjordur Iceland, the town in the lava


I studied Electrical Engineering in Denmark, at Ingeniørhøjskolen Aarhus , from 1992 to 1995.

My final project there was to make a PLC control of a hydrogen generative cell at an experimental village on the north-west coast of Denmark.

My first job as an engineer was at Tæknival's industrial automation department 1995-1999. It was a good workplace with a lot of young creative employees and high hopes for a bright computerized future in Icelandic industry. I worked on several development projects like IT4Food (Information Technology in Food industries) and QimIT (Quality Index Method for IT). We automized a dousin factories, fish farms, water plants, hydro-power stations and the main oil terminal in Iceland.



In the autumn of 1999, me and two colleagues in the IA department baught the department out of Tæknival and founded our own company - Logic . We continued working for various solutions in industrial automation, but the seafood industry was getting a decrease in profits these years. This led to a dramatic decrease in automation and new investments almost came to a halt in many factories. We then merged Logic with Naust Marine in 2002, a couple of experienced guys in specialized trawler equipment manufacturing in Iceland.

In 2002 I went to school again for Executive Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) at the national university. I made a lot of good friends there and business partners... http://www.mba.is

I continued working at Naust Marine, with a few private projects in consulting for seafood industries and the Blue lagoon skin care products factory.

The summer of 2004 i got my MBA degree and joined Nortek , to become the technical manager of the company. I have a couple of jolly guys working for us - I try to control their efforts to create a good working environment with some nice opportunities for personal development and carrier. We are working on various projects for future developments - to beat the competition !

I have also been known to give part time lessons in the three main technical schools here, the machineries and sailor's school (http://www.fti.is), Electrical continuing education (http://www.raf.is) evening classes (http://eftirmenntun.vsfi.is) and the Technical University which has now merged with
Reykjavik University .