Jón Arnarson

Hafnarfjordur Iceland, the town in the lava



My girls at summer vacation on mount Dimon in Iceland, from left: Svala, Ólöf, me and "Doppa" the dog.

Hi, I'm an Electrical engineer B.Sc. from Denmark since 1995, and an MBA since 2004.

I am a technical manager at Nortek http://www.nortek.is which is the third largest security company in Iceland.

I'm born in Hafnarfjordur, Iceland, which locals call an "Inborn Gaflari". Gaflari is a joke name for our towners, which have various funny stories through the last decades ... The town is 12 km from the capital Reykjavik.

We inborn's have a good sense of humour and don't hesitate to tell hillarious stories of ourselves and the neighbours :-)

  • Never get angry at your enemy, there is a reason for every person's opinion and beliefs.
  • If life becomes too easy, we will create our own problems to worry about.
  • Whatever exists is already becoming obsolete.

I am currently "outsourced" to the company Swarco Norge AS, as a project leader.  I work on projects all over Norway, my main projects this year are in Oslo - Bjørvika buildings, a new "Wall street" in center of the city and I have just finished the Oslo Konserthus (Consert house).


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